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Our mission is to foster attitudes and behaviors that lead to innovation amid a supportive culture that prizes technology. Syska Innovations LLC is a subsidiary of SH Group. We strive to be a catalyst for deeper conversations, analytic questioning of the status quo, and imagining of a fruitful future for Syska Hennessy and the A/E/C industry.

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Why Innovations at Syska?

As engineers in the rapidly changing field of building design, we have an unprecedented opportunity to drive powerful impacts on not only the communities surrounding us, but also the planet.

By pioneering technological advances, we can improve the built environment of today while laying the groundwork for an even better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Innovations Areas of Focus

Syska Innovations was formed to help drive Innovation throughout our industry. We have chosen to invest, incubate and advise in the following Innovation Focus Buckets


We explore technologies and partner with companies that help decarbonize our world.

Project design

We are turning to machine learning, reality capture, and AR/VR to advance the value proposition during design we provide to our clients.

Industrialization of design

Transforming design into an industrialized process using technologies like generative design, robotic process automation, and BIM will minimize project costs and duration.

Project management

Faster Synthesis of data to insights will improve our ability to manage a project by applying natural language processing, blockchain, and big data.

Products and methods

We invest in products and methods using advanced technology solutions, like geolocation and intelligent automation, to drive productivity and quality.


We can augment efficiency increase quality by moving past the 2D design and construction drawing process to all seven dimensions of Building Information Modeling.

SMART buildings

Information technology, IoT, and advanced control algorithms can optimize the automated processes controlling a building’s operation.

All Start-ups in the AEC Space

Do you have a great idea for buildings systems engineering? Could you benefit from some strategic expert guidance from a world-class engineering firm? Are you looking for investors or a community to grow your early-stage company?


Featured Editorial

Featured Editorial

AI and ROI: An Either/Or Scenario?

8 April, 2024 at 3:11

I confess: I’m torn.…


About Syska Innovations

Syska Innovations LLC (SI) is a subsidiary of SH Group. SI invests in seed-stage companies, pilots their software and products, and promotes ideation and technology development within Syska.

We are a proud members of AEC-Angels, an investment platform focused on AEC technology that leverages the collective and individual industry-specific knowledge of our member companies. Check out the website for more information

For more information on Innovations at Syska Hennessy please contact our Chief Technical Officer, Robert Ioanna at