Syska Innovations

Syska Hennessy Investment Philosophy

Investment Focus

  • Early Stage Investments. Syska’s leadership in consulting engineering provides a market understanding which represents an opportunity to invest in companies who are early in their journeys.
    Early stage companies are firms which have formed a strong vision for their product or service, but which have not yet started to generate sustaining or growth revenue.
  • Product-Market Fit in the AEC Industry. The AEC industry is a complex marketplace and environment. Syska focuses on companies who provide tangible impacts to the lifecycle of This includes improvements to workflows during design, construction, and operations.
  • Strong Leadership. The AEC industry values the ability to lead teams, projects, and strategy, so we focus on investments where startups are led by individuals who can effectively work with internal and external teams.
  • Scalability. Technology companies have the ability to grow in scale and impact. Syska partners with companies that have the vision to grow to become industry leading solutions to the processes they impact.
  • Opportunity for Added Value. Being more than just a financial resource is important to Syska and we examine the opportunities for added value during the investment evaluation process.

Investment Evaluation Criteria


What is the problem you are trying to solve? How common is this problem and what are proof points that indicate the depth of this problem? What are the current alternative paths to mitigating this problem?


How does your solution change current processes, solve the problem, and change the future behaviors of industry participants? What technology does it rely on?


Who are you, and why are you qualified to lead this opportunity? How did you identify this problem? What technical skills will your team need to add?


Understanding your path to mitigating the technical risks you face is very important. How can Syska help your firm achieve technical milestones?

How much capital will you need to achieve your existing and future milestones? What is the company size and burn rate at each of these milestones? What are your contingency plans if (likely when) things don’t go to plan? Is the amount for which you’re looking in line with the risk-removal milestones you have outlined? We expect that you have molded out these metrics for years, not months.


Do you have a strong understanding of the competitive landscape? Are you comparing your idea against technology competition in areas that matter to the customers? Are you comparing your current and future product to your competitor’s? Is your innovation addressing a need in a large enough market to where funding is justifiable (Billion+ dollars)? Why have others in this space missed out on this problem and technology? Can a competitor that may be better financed replicate your plan tomorrow?


What’s preventing another firm from following your journey and competing for established or potential market share?

Unfair Advantages

We LOVE unfair advantages. Do you have unique, difficult-to-attain experience, intellectual property, business-model innovation or a unique partnership? Are you or your product the only way to identify and solve this problem? How does investment help extend these unfair advantages?

Sustainability / Public Good

Syska Hennesy’s sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of our clients and employees while conducting business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of current and future generations. Our focus is to help clients safeguard the environment, conserve energy, protect lives, and strengthen the economies and social structures of communities in which our employees work and live.