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Vertical Transportation

Syska Hennessy Group’s vertical transportation experts know the complex system of machines and controls powering today’s elevators and escalators and provide sustainable design solutions that keep clients and business moving.

When we designed the elevator banks of Google’s Midwest headquarters in Chicago, we purposely provided flexibility in our initial design of a single bank of seven passenger elevators with destination-based controls, a dedicated service elevator and two oil hydraulic parking elevators. As Google’s needs expanded, we conducted traffic studies and reassigned elevators.

50+ Years of Experience

Syska’s vertical transportation team brings more than 50 years of experience, encompassing every facet of the vertical transportation industry. We provide complete system design, condition assessment reporting, budgeting, specifications, bidding coordination and construction administration. We develop systems that efficiently operate in new and existing structures.

From Small and Complex Projects

We have proven experience, from small unique systems to modernizing existing buildings, to large, complex projects such as a 2,000,000-sf infrastructure upgrade and multiple building renovation in New York, which involved modernizing 42 elevators and 12 escalators. For the 6,200,000-sf Hyundai Udong Hyundai l’Park complex high-rise towers in Busan, South Korea, we provided the specifications for 120 elevators.

Sustainable Design

We design sustainable, cost-effective and flexibility systems, incorporating LED lighting, recycled construction materials and elevators that regenerate power to use in other parts of the building. We were early adopters of requiring reduced-speed operation of escalators and moving walks to provide considerable energy savings when there is no demand on the escalators. By using regenerative-drive systems and updating antiquated controls, we provided a sustainable system for UC Berkeley’s revitalization of Lower Sproul Plaza.

Long-Term Client Relationships

From super high-rise offices to busy hospitals and airport hubs, we have helped our clients transform their buildings’ functionality, sustainability and occupant well-being over decades and across multiple locations. We provided elevator consulting services to dozens of the Massachusetts General Hospital Partners HealthCare locations for more than 15 years.









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