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In 1928, Syska Hennessy Group was founded to deliver the best in MEP services and engineering. Ever since then, we have been designing and consulting on complex projects of all types and sizes, from New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in 1960 to the world’s first 3D-printed building in 2016.

Our engineers design the systems that bring buildings to life, focusing on maximizing building function and occupant comfort. Our designs provide clean and conditioned air; wired and wireless infrastructure to power, light, secure and control the building; and water for hydration, sanitation and fire protection. We help make buildings safe, sustainable, efficient, healthy and habitable for occupants and developers.

We plan, we coordinate, we draw, we specify, we calculate. As an integral part of the construction supply chain, we work with architects, contractors and other consultants to confirm that our proposed systems will be cost effective, sustainable and work with the building’s infrastructure.

We focus on the details, ensuring that each system we design meets the required codes, fits with the architect’s vision and works with the building’s other systems. We build each system in a virtual world and give our clients a complete simulated experience before construction begins and costs are incurred.

Reputation for Excellence

We work with premier architects and project managers to support clients such as Bloomberg, SL Green Realty Corp. and the New York City Department of Design and Construction. We support our clients’ long-term needs by providing engineering services for projects of every size and budget. Our clients hire us for consistent cost-efficient delivery, and we’re proud that most of our projects stem from existing clients.

Few MEP firms have the global footprint, capabilities and best-in-class processes to support clients in as many national and international locations as Syska. More importantly, no other MEP services firm has built half-century-long relationships with world-leading organizations.


HVAC: We design the lungs of a building (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) to circulate in clean air and exhaust stale air while regulating the thermal comfort of the entire building interior. Whether in existing or new buildings, our engineers employ an evidence-based approach and digital modeling tools to evaluate elements such as building massing, airflow and thermal comfort, and deliver efficient and sustainable systems.

Plumbing and Fire Protection: In addition to providing potable water and sanitary services, our systems make a large impact in terms of sustainability and efficiency. We incorporate features such as low-flow fixtures, rainwater collection, greywater usage and solar domestic water heating to improve each building’s water usage and distribution.


We design safe, reliable electric-power infrastructure to service all aspects of the building, from lighting and controls to telecommunications and vertical transportation. Syska provides an electrical system that is efficient, flexible and economical to maintain and operate. We consider features such as daylighting, renewable energy generation and mobile controls for our systems to provide uninterruptable operational power.

High-Performance Design

Syska’s Sustainability group designs high-performance buildings that work with the earth’s resources instead of against them. We design systems to exceed energy codes, not just meet them. We integrate passive strategies to cool and power, optimize active systems and incorporate renewable energy—solar hot water, photovoltaic, geothermal—all while keeping the client’s budget and timeline in mind. By focusing on responsible use of natural resources and occupant health and well-being, the result is energy- and cost-efficient buildings.

We design sustainable building systems that:

  • Meet client’s budget.
  • Foster occupants’ comfort.
  • Enable fluid operations staff to successfully transition to new systems.
  • Provide adaptable building space.
  • Support and enhance the architecture.
  • Meet or exceed design-phase performance projections.
  • Achieve certifications, including LEED, WELL and Net-Zero.



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Source: CSE-2016 MEP Giants



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