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Manufacturing, packaging, laboratory and GMP warehouse facilities require specialized buildings of the highest standards that support their mission of making new discoveries and bringing them successfully and timely to the marketplace. Engineers who undertake this work must have a thorough understanding of both science and supporting infrastructure. That is why more and more world-class organizations in the Science and Technology field are engaging Syska Hennessy Group to engineer their facilities.

Syska’s Science and Technology experts excel in the design and management of highly technical multidisciplinary projects. Our engineers are experienced and conversant in manufacturing, packaging, clean utilities, and laboratory processes and procedures. In addition, the team also has operational experience in Life Science manufacturing.

Our team recognizes that speed-to-market is essential for your business and that fast-track projects can only succeed when design, construction, commissioning and validation are coupled with a smooth approvals process involving regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EU, EPA and OSHA. Therefore, we incorporate constructability and best practices for regulatory compliance into all our projects from the onset — not as an afterthought.

Our expertise encompasses all facets of Science and Technology, including:

  • Sterile manufacturing
  • Oral solid dosage
  • Bulk API manufacturing
  • Cell and gene therapy
  • GMP warehousing
  • Process utilities
  • Biocontainment
  • Vivaria
  • Chemistry laboratories
  • Laboratories for educational facilities

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