Cultivation and Processing Facilities

Cultivation and Processing Facilities

Syska works with start-ups, micro-businesses and independents to large Multi-State Operators in the Cannabis industry, designing and engineering building systems for cultivation, extraction, testing, and dispensary facilities.

Macro Detail of Dab Tool Rising demand, in turn, has led to a need for higher bud yields, which are best achieved through indoor cultivation. To maximize the indoor yields while maintaining brand consistency and profitability, cannabis cultivation facilities are adopting better environmental controls. And that’s where mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design comes into play.

With several variables that can impact your cannabis operations, such as lighting, temperature, humidity control, vapor pressure deficit-(VPD), fire protection, and infrastructure capacity, you need an MEP engineering partner by your side with the right technical skillset and experience to help guide the design of your facility infrastructure.

Syska Hennessy Group has the background and expertise in the cannabis sector to develop an MEP design that can support higher yields, greater efficiency, and consistency in terpene profiles – all of which increase your revenues.

  • Site Selection Assistance & Property Condition Assessments of MEP Base Building Infrastructure
  • State / Local Regulatory Cannabis Business License Application Support
  • Regulatory Support
  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Facility Design
    • Cultivation
    • Processing / Manufacturing
    • Extraction / Infusion
    • Warehouse/Distribution-Delivery
    • Cannabis Testing Laboratories
    • Retail / Dispensary / Consumption
    • Vertically Integrated
  • Design Intent/Basis of Design Documentation
  • cGMP Compliant Designs
  • System Selection
  • Assist in Contractor Selection
  • Project Close Out and Transitioning
  • Construction Administration
    • Facility Management and Commissioning/Retro-Commissioning
    • Post Occupancy Assessments
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John Bilotta
Hamilton Principal

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Timothy Burdge
Associate Partner

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