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Office building projects represent an important investment for our clients; by helping to attract and retain their greatest assets, the people who work in them, by supporting productivity and collaboration, and by offering significant savings in operations, office buildings impact organizations at every level. Syska Hennessy Group consults, MEP designs, and commissions building systems that support flexibility, connectivity and collaboration in these spaces. By applying thoughtful MEP/FP and building management systems design, energy and daylighting modeling, and architectural lighting, we help our clients meet their corporate goals.

Sustainable MEP design is often our client’s corporate goal, and ambitious energy savings are also mandated by many local communities. It has the potential to improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency and improve water conservation, while providing thermal and lighting comfort for employees. For example, the complete redesign of 2000 Avenue of the Stars in Century City, California, provided our clients with a 16-percent reduction in energy and a 20-percent reduction in water consumption while improving building equipment response performance.

For the new supertall Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea, Syska addressed ambitious local energy requirements with performance modeling and a sustainable MEP design strategy. Creative displacement and radiant floor cooling systems condition soaring atria, while monitoring and management systems adjust power and lighting levels to occupant needs. Stormwater recovery and greywater systems conserve water, and alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and Windspire turbines help power the building.

When renovation of the U.S. General Services Administration national headquarters, constructed in 1917, was under way, our team leveraged the original layout of the building’s natural ventilation and lighting strategies to improve sustainable design performance. Energy modeling indicated that displacement ventilation with individual HVAC controls would meet current thermal comfort standards; additionally, indoor air quality is monitored and controlled. Water conservation is supported with stormwater treatment, retention and recovery, and alternative energy is provided by building-integrated photovoltaics and roof-mounted PV arrays.

The adaptive reuse of a historic warehouse into contemporary high-end workspace for Weebly’s world headquarters in San Francisco required Syska to field survey and overhaul the existing MEP systems, creating flexibility to scale up in response to growing demand as the company continues to grow. Meeting local sustainably and seismic requirements was seamlessly integrated into the design.


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