Wells Fargo Office Relocation, New York, NY

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Wells Fargo has entered a partnership at 30 Hudson Yards to become an owner of approximately 500,000 square feet of office space. The space is a “building within a building,” they have their own dedicated critical infrastructure including a chiller plant, generators, and power distribution. The critical infrastructure is used to support two trading floors, occupying 153,905 rsf with over 1,600 traders.

The remaining 324,525 rsf is used as administrative office space occupying over 6 floors in the upper floors of the building. Critical infrastructure includes 2N water cooled chiller plant, N+2 back-up generator, and 48 hours of water and fuel storage for outage operations. Trading floors are design to have 18” clear raised floor with air towers located throughout the floor for underfloor air distribution to the space. The infrastructure was designed to allow for business continuity in the event of utility outage for their trading operations to continue uninterrupted.

Syska provided a “Mechanical Highway” to place fan coil unit, chilled and hot water piping in an accessible location to maximize ceiling height within the work environment. Picture show the mechanical highway along with beam enclosures that housed piping and ductwork to support the perimeter of the space.

500,000 sf

The Switzer Group

Fire Protection
Fire Alarm and Life Safety
Building Management Systems