Spotify Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA

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Spotify has set up shop in L.A.’s Art District neighborhood, joining other growing entertainment and tech companies. The overall office encompasses three buildings. Visitors to Spotify’s main L.A. building enter a security entrance surrounded by black fencing similar to that used at music concert entrances, with background lights that change colors and music streaming from Spotify. There are colorful listening rooms, including one where Spotify’s music team can meet with artists to discuss their latest songs while lounging on velvet couches set against round windows.

Next door to the main building is “Pod City,” which holds the largest number of podcast studios of all of Spotify’s U.S. offices. A third building is focused around live events and music. It opens to an indoor stage, with space for an audience of up to 600 people on the lower floor and a VIP space on an upper floor. There are music recording studios, an echo chamber and a trove of vintage musical instruments.

Syska provided full technology design services including conference and meeting rooms, lobby video wall, digital signage and wayfinding.

150,000 sf


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