North Central Bronx Hospital, Bronx, NY

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Syska Hennessy was retained by Lothrop Associates to provide MEPFP & FA services for NYC H+H for the design of new hospital space to support 120 ICU beds and supporting areas at North Central Bronx Hospital. This was a fast track design and construction schedule as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that overwhelmed New York City.

Our scope of work included the design to replace 9 base building air handling units, associated return air fans and exhaust fans. As part of the project, two full floors for COVID patients were designed with new supply and return ductwork distribution. Each floor includes neutral pressurization and a switchover capability to turn the floor to negative pressure. The return ductwork is configured to have bottom returns at the patient beds, similar to isolation rooms, to allow for airflow down towards the floor to help protect the caregivers. New normal and emergency power outlets were configured at each patient bed, similar to the quantities found in an ICU. In addition, dedicated emergency power outlets were included at each patient bed to support ventilators. Approximately 20% of the beds include second dedicated emergency power outlets to support dialysis machines.

Plumbing services included the design of new tempered water distribution and associated drainage piping to support the above-mentioned dialysis machines. Our office also designed new oxygen, medical air and medical vacuum distribution to each patient bed from new distribution loops. To support the new medical air and vacuum, we also sized and selected new medical air and vacuum pumps. In addition, we worked with the oxygen vendor on the modifications to the existing oxygen tank farm in order to increase capacity. A new oxygen riser was also designed for routing up the building to support the new load.

Electrical services included the design to route a new emergency power riser up the building to support the above listed power requirements.

Fire alarm services included designing for all new sprinkler coverage after reviewing and confirming that the existing fire pump and system had adequate capacities to support the extensions of this system. The fire alarm scope of work included the design for the placement of all new devices which meet the latest code requirements but are compatible with an existing system which will ultimately be replaced due to its age.

72,000 sf

Lothrop Associates


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2021 ACEC New York Platinum Award