Iredell Health CCU Renovation, Overbuild and ED Addition, Statesville, NC

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The original project involved completely renovating an existing 11 bed CCU located on the second floor above the existing Emergency Department and extending the second floor to house additional 16 CCU beds, with a vehicle drive below and access to the existing ED. While the project was in design, a local competitor to Iredell Health System closed their ED, so to better serve the community, the project scope was expanded and added approximately 9,100 square ft to extend the existing ED, which took the place of the original concept of the vehicle drive under the CCU addition. This was to be accomplished in three phases, the first was to build out the ED, second, to fit out the CCU addition, and third to renovate the existing CCI

The renovation and addition included the installation of entirely new Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection (MEPFP) and Fire Alarm systems. One of the major challenges was project phasing, in keeping the existing ED operational while the new ED rooms and CCU above was being built. During construction, the existing air handler that served the original ED had to be kept operational until the new units were installed and commissioned, after which, the old air handler was decommissioned and removed.

Project Highlights:

  1. New, twin air handling units for redundancy
  2. Isolation CCU rooms with the ability to modulate between normal and negative pressure for pandemic mode.
  3. New life safety branch of electrical power to replace previously combined critical and life safety branches as part of the original installation. This will give the option to refeed power to other areas of the hospital in the future. The existing equipment branch was utilized and new panels were added.


22,500 sf

The Beck Group


Fire Protection
Fire Alarm & Life Safety

Completion Date
December 2024