Hyundai Udong I’Park Complex, Busan, Korea

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When Hyundai Development Company embarked on their massive, 6.2 million-sf mixed-use development against the Busan, South Korean waterfront, they retained Syska for the complex, high performing and cost effective design services, including MEP, vertical transportation, energy, and building automation system design.

The development encompassed six mixed-use towers ranging from three to 72 stories, with the three of the tallest consisting of luxury condominiums with MEP features, such as radiant floor hearing and individual unit temperature control.

To design an energy efficient system to reduce utility costs, Syska conducted cogeneration and thermal storage system studies, and determined a cogeneration system with microturbines would sufficiently reduce electrical utility workload. Designed to conform to USGBC’s LEED silver rating, the cogeneration system recycles waste heat from a 1.25 MW microturbine cogeneration system distributing heating and cooling to the towers and shaved electrical demand load. A large gray-water system collects and repurposes the water as potable. The 30-story hotel features a central 2,000 ton chiller plant and boiler plant providing 26,000 lbs/hr of steam.

Partnering with the architect, our elevator design specialists developed space and size dimensions for new equipment and prepared a traffic analysis to determine size, speed and configuration of elevator and escalator systems through schematic and design development phases. More than 80 elevators and escalators were included in the final plan to serve the residential, office and hotel areas.

Our electrical team developed a complex wide electrical distribution of 22.9kv network with 22.9/0.38kv substations serving multiple commercial spaces. The electrical demand load distributes 15.5 MVA to the complex’s apartments, 4.5 MVA to the offices, 3.55 MVA to the hotel and 1.5 MVA to the retail units. In the event of power loss, I’Park will be supported by 10M generator plant supplying emergency distribution system with reliable power through synchronized paralleling switchgear. A SCADA system will monitor and control complex electrical distribution for 22.9kv and 0.38kv.

Years since the opening, the Hyundai Udong I’Park complex provides residents and nonresidents the luxury lifestyle the owner initially envisioned.

6,200,000 sf

Hyundai Development Company

Studio Daniel Libeskind

General Contractor
Studio Daniel Libeskind
Hyundai Development Company

Vertical Transportation
MEP/fire protection
30,000 gallons of on-site fuel storage
1,500-ton chiller plant
Cooling towers in hardened outdoor enclosure
PLC controls for chiller plant