Edmunds.com Headquarters, Santa Monica, CA

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Edmunds.com, a growing multi-million-dollar online data resource for automotive information, retained Syska to design the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for their new headquarters building in Santa Monica.

Our task was to design and implement an MEP infrastructure to support Edmunds’ vision of a spacious destination space that fosters collaboration and brainstorming and where 600+ staff love to come to work and have fun!

Our plumbing engineer was challenged to retrofit a 1948 Cadillac as a happy hour bar and install this piece during construction. Working with the architect and structural engineer, we came up with a solution to run the beer from remote kegs to the taps without disturbing the space.

Our innovative mechanical design solutions included:

  • An aesthetically pleasing duct work design that was both functional and flexible to the occupants within the open office and multipurpose room.
  • Thoughtful HVAC design strategies for managing acoustical concerns, especially for meditation rooms, private conference spaces and mother’s rooms.
  • Integrating the HVAC systems with the indoor/outdoor courtyard event spaces by linking services with the building façade partitions.
  • N+1 redundant server room to ensure reliable operations and availability.
  • Ensuring the proper operation & functionality of specialty aquarium equipment and vending machines.

We resolved complex challenges including:

  • Existing conditions and design goals that required creative engineering systems, such as very large structural beams to support high ceilings, or re-routing and relocation of existing ductwork shafts to better complement the interior design.
  • Intensive collaboration with the creative director, architect, and contractors to ensure constructability concerns were addressed.

The result – “EdQuarters” – is an ingenious, modern, colorful space with automotive everything!

EdQuarters houses of 75% larger meeting rooms, individual desks, coffee bar, and stylish elements like meditation rooms, personal telephone booths, an on-air studio and a mother’s lounge. EdQuarters is highlighted by a hubcap chandelier, chrome exhaust pipes, eye-catching U-shape floating staircase, outdoor movie screen, and a company logo formed by 2,472 Matchbox cars. Above the mirror-polished stainless steel reception desk float two rotating Corvettes—a 1966 model signifying the company’s origin and a 2016 model to commemorate the new space.

Los Angeles Business Journal, 2017 Commercial Real Estate Awards – Office Project – GOLD

133,000 sf


M+M Creative Studio

Fire Protection
4,500 sf multi-purpose room with separate supplemental HVAC
Data center