BB&T Data Center, Eastern North Carolina

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Syska was hired to design the key systems for a new, single-story, Tier III, 150,000-sf enterprise data center in a two-phase deployment on a greenfield site. Phase 1 includes two data halls with 20,000 sf of column-free space supporting MEP infrastructure, and 18,000 sf of office/support space for operational staff.

Project encompassed:

    • Hardened facility designed for 165-mph wind speeds (EF3 tornado) above-code seismic-design forces, and risks from climatic change.
    • 4 MW of critical power capacity.
    • Four 2.2-MW generators and combined 8.8 MW of energy.
    • 3N/2 UPS topology with combined 7.5 MW of power.
    • Computer-room air handler (CRAH) has the capacity to move 761,600 CFM of air.
    • Control systems will have more than 20,000 discrete control points.
    • Two miles of on-site fencing.
    • 13,926 CY of precast and cast-in-place concrete.
    • 314 tons of HVAC piping.
    • 86 tons of HVAC sheet metal.
    • 60,000 gallons of thermal storage-tank capacity providing 15 minutes of chilled water supply at full load.
    • Meteorological control station.
    • 180 miles of copper wire and 60 miles of conduit.
    • Redundant systems compartmentalized by fire-rated construction.

The site and building were designed to incorporate sustainable strategies. In addition to the energy-efficient mechanical and electrical system design, there is LED lighting throughout (under raised-floor lighting), waterside economizer for free cooling, white roof and on-site meteorological control station. The facility and site can accommodate future expansion consisting of 100,000 total sf, 40,000 sf of additional white space and 4 MW of additional critical power capacity.

150,000 sf


Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Gilbane Building Company/Barnhill Contracting Company Joint Venture

30,000 gallons of on-site fuel storage
1,500-ton chiller plant
Cooling towers in hardened outdoor enclosure
PLC controls for chiller plant
MEP/fire protection