751 Gateway Development, San Francisco, CA

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The 751 Gateway project is a new bayside development including a 7-story, high-rise, mixed-use building of approximately 212,000 SF for Alexandria Real Estate. The new lab/office building was designed to accommodate research programs including biology, chemistry, analytical, and AI technology with support spaces including a cafeteria, conference center, and offices. Amenities include retail and café facilities as part of the core and shell development. Site development of pedestrian connections between new and existing buildings create a walkable research community. Outdoor communal spaces lend a relaxed environment for communal activities.

A masterplan lighting scheme was developed that will signal the brand for the development. Lobby and building entrances have a higher level of finish reflecting the values of ARE and will highlight public art that will be displayed.

212,000 sf

RMW Architects

Architectural Lighting Design

Completion Date