The New Technologies Revolutionizing Elevators

By Joe Cossentino, Director of Vertical Transportation, Syska Hennessy

New technology is radically changing the way we travel to the upper levels of tall buildings in our major cities.

  • A ropeless, magnetic levitation– similar to the high speed bullet trains – prototype in a building in Rottweil, Germany, enables the elevator cabs to travel in horizontal as well as vertical shafts within a building.
  • A new carbon fiber elevator hoist cable which is extremely light, stronger and twice as durable enables elevators to travel to heights twice the distance that is currently possible with conventional steel rope.
  • While elevator equipment is feeding power generated by the elevator back into the electrical grid of the building leading to an energy savings of up to 30%.

Joe Cossentino, director of vertical transportation at Syska New York, was invited by Dr. Antony Wood, executive director of CTBUH to work with graduate students at the Illinois Institute of Technology, home of the CTBUH, to discuss how elevators are evolving.