The Evolution of Airport Design


By Terrence Young, Principal and Design Director, Gensler Los Angeles

Terrence Young, a 20-year veteran in aviation and transportation, recently spoke with Syska about the evolution of airport design.

“Today, when so much of our time is spent beyond security, it’s no longer about that big entry hall. It’s about the passenger experience – catering to the physiology, temperament and needs of passengers.

We also need to consider the staff, who today are living in the back or underside of the airport without sunlight. We need to look at an airport as a city with residents who live there day after day, and visitors who pass through as equal, and design for them. The staff need a place in the sun, places to enjoy a great meal, and outdoor space to decompress.

In order to keep things relatively calm and offset the security process, we need to use music at our security checkpoints, including good lightening and a robust effective transit system to provide a delightful, dignified experience.”

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