“The Do’s and Don’ts of Wireless Retrofits”

As technology advances, existing buildings have the increased potential to integrate modern amenities, extend their lifespan, and even compete with newly built structures.

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Older and historic buildings now have the unlimited capacity to improve thanks to resources like the Internet of Things (IoT), a network that allows devices, appliances and/or software to communicate with one another.

But with smart building comes smart responsibility. Although retrofitting can be beneficial, it must be implemented effectively to be successful.

Buildings: Smarter Facility Management discussed the benefits and challenges of wireless retrofits with Tom Grimard, Syska’s global Building Management System (BMS) and Smart Building practice leader; Mark Quintana, Syska Information and Communication Technology Senior Associate; Troy Davis, Sales Director of EnOcean; and Victor Berrios, Vice President of Technology for Zigbee Alliance.

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