Syska Named 2017 Engineering Firm of the Year by ACE Mentor Program, LA.

syska LA ACE mentors for the 2017 engineering firm of the year

We are very proud to be named the 2017 Engineering Firm of the Year by ACE Mentor Program Los Angeles.

Through ACE, our staff mentor students at three high schools — Hamilton High School, Venice High School and Redondo High School– twice a month, working on year-long design projects and supporting their interest in the architect, construction and engineering industry.

Several hundred ACE student alumni are currently in college, some with ACE-sponsored scholarships, and many graduates working in the industry return as mentors.

A huge thank you to our colleagues — Vanessa Fernandez, Joel Solis, Yiyu Chen, Tim Tyrrell, Meghan Quinn and Ahmad Zoua – for being ACE Mentors, reflecting our core values of giving back and inspiring greatness.