Syska Hennessy Annual Corporate Sustainability Report is Here

At Syska Hennessy we know that our work is far from done and that sustainable buildings aren’t just good business; they’re good for our local and global communities where we live, work and play. To update you on the progress we’ve made, we’re issuing our second annual corporate sustainability report. On the following pages you’ll see descriptions of a wide range of firm-wide efforts to decarbonize the built environment. One good example is WISE, a new standard we developed to enable measurement of a building’s sustainability, technology, air quality, and more.

For those who don’t know, Syska Hennessy has been around for over 94 years and in that time, sustainability has been a key driver for the firm. We encourage you to read our special piece “Past Present Future,” which takes a deep dive into our early work to support decarbonization, our current initiatives, and our future plans.
Let’s keep thinking about that better world for today and for generations that follow. We hope you find our latest report inspiring, informative, and helpful.

To learn more about what drives us, please click the link.

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