New Long Beach Civic Center Mixed-use P3 Project Will Significantly Reduce Building Operating Costs

New Long Beach Civic Center is a game changing development that will bring a revitalized civic core to serve local residents, businesses and visitors.
It is also notable for:

  • Building operating costs and carbon footprint is designed to be 50% less than standard office building.
  • The $520 million is a design-build-finance-operate-maintain (P3FOM) delivery project, where Clark Construction, Johnson Controls, Plenary Group, SOM and Syska teamed-up to help the City limit the upfront cost and shed significant design, development and delivery risk.

The civic center development will replace the old city hall and provide efficient new offices for the Port of Long Beach, a new city library, a retail marketplace, three parking garages, including a new subterranean garage, public park and related infrastructure and landscaping.

To achieve lowest cost MEP with highly efficient systems and distributions, Syska provided preliminary energy modeling, solar studies and system sketches to inform the overall architectural and programmatic concept. Our high performance team developed whole building strategies to lower the energy needed and introduce renewable sources.

To save money and improve energy efficiency, heating and cooling will be supplied from under the floor, eliminating many ceilings, increasing floor to ceiling heights so daylight will penetrate deeper into the narrow floor plate enabling the lights to be turned off a significant duration of the day.

The design encompassed onsite renewable-energy solutions for two of the hi-rise towers, which have to be very energy-efficient to achieve EIR’s requirement and generate 25% of the energy required on an average sunny day.

All buildings are exceeding ASHRAE 90.1-2007 by at least 22% before, and 34% after renewables are taken into account.

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