New LA Federal Courthouse Raises the Bar for Energy-Efficient Design

The U.S. Federal Courthouse, officially being opened today by the GSA in downtown Los Angeles, shows the way of what can now be cost-effectively accomplished in energy-efficient design.

Click here to take a virtual tour, created by the LA Times, which describes as ‘a glass cube that seems to float in the air.’

  • The building targets a LEED® Platinum certification, and GSA’s 2020 energy target of 35 KBTU/SF*YR annual consumption, through:
    A serrated façade comprised of 1,672 energy-efficient glass panels to maximize views and reduce solar heat gain by nearly 50%.
  • Extensive daylighting of major spaces, including the 24 courtrooms and jury deliberation rooms within the building perimeter.
  • An open central light court with tuned skylight delivering daylight into the heart of the building, coupled with reflectors to enhance shared natural light.
  • Displacement ventilation providing enhanced indoor air quality and thermal comfort to all courtrooms and the public circulation areas.
  • A radiant heating and cooling slab system providing low energy comfort in the main lobby.
  • A high efficiency central plant that includes a heat pump chiller for base heating and cooling loads.
  • Rooftop photovoltaic array that is expected to generate 507,000 kWh each year.
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping of the plaza and two green roof areas – lightly irrigated by collected rainwater.
LA Federal Courthouse--Exterior Glass Panels

LA Federal Courthouse–Exterior Glass Panels

LA Federal Courthouse -- Interior Skylight

LA Federal Courthouse — Interior Skylight