From Intern to Engineer: Humberto Govin from Syska Jacksonville

My experience working at Syska

Humberto Govin

Humberto is a recent University of North Florida grad, former Syska intern and now full-time electrical engineer with the firm.

What is your trade?

I’m an electrical engineer working on BET and CF projects.

How did you feel about moving in a professional environment?

I already had other internship experiences, so I sort of knew what to expect before I joined Syska. During my first internship, I saw a several big differences between the academic world and the professional world. In school, you generally work on your own and depend on yourself, but in the workplace you are usually part of a team that needs to coordinate together for everyone to be successful. In school, if you messed up a calculation on a test, you might be able get some partial credit or get points taken off. In the real world, a mistake could have an impact on the project schedule or budget, and that can land you in trouble with the client!

Which projects have you liked the most?

I really liked a generator replacement project because it was a big learning opportunity for me, and also because I was able to see just how much I learned from previous projects. I also enjoyed working on a Bank of America project where we designed the installation of new electric car chargers on their parking lot, because I saw first-hand how to incorporate a new technology into an existing building. It was also interesting to learn about Syska’s 3D-printed building in Dubai.

What are your goals in the company?

I hope to gain a good understanding of all the different concepts and constraints that come into play when designing efficient electrical systems, not only because I plan on taking the PE exam, but also because I want to be up-to-date on current industry practices and future possibilities within the industry.