What It’s Like to Work At Syska: Meet Assad Tabatabaie from Syska New York

On transitioning from our Engineer Development Training program

Anthony Savino

Describe your experience in EDT (Engineer Development Training) and how you got involved with the Project Coordination Team (PCT).

I started at Syska as an EDT in the Class of 2012. I graduated from Binghamton with a BS and MS in mechanical engineering, with concentration on acoustics and vibrations. In my second year of EDT, I joined PCT to help run the program.

I really enjoyed EDT. It’s an incredible opportunity for young staff! It molds our young engineers’ DNA by providing a well-rounded overview of the industry and all the trades besides your own. It’s a second-to-none opportunity that we should all value.

What are you up to today?

Today, I am a plumbing & fire protection engineer, and an Associate supervising three junior engineers. I manage several Morgan Stanley projects and help run the account. I also manage New York-Presbyterian’s new 500,000 SF corporate office project, as well as a few smaller projects. These days, I’m focusing on healthcare, but previously I’ve worked on critical facilities, including greenfield data centers such as BBVA in Mexico, Partner’s Data Center in Massachusetts, Microsoft in Quincy and Chicago; and the Permanent Mission of Thailand.

How are you developing your leadership skills?

I am a two-term Director at the NYC Chapter of ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineers). The mentoring from other PCT members and our executive team has encouraged to me engage with the industry, as well as develop my leadership skills.

Right after graduation, I started hosting EDT sessions to develop my presentation skills, give back to EDT, and contribute to the growth of firm.