Let’s Elevate Our Game

Message From Our Co-Presidents

Gary and Cyrus in the Los Angeles Office

As the U.S. Federal government considers much needed investment in the Nation’s critical infrastructure — aviation, marine, rail, schools as well as the water, roads, tunnels and bridges — it is up to our AEC industry to ensure it is done right. We advocate three pillars to ensure the Nation’s investment is efficient, effective and lasting.


Make sustainability an integral requirement of investment. Communities, local, regional and federal governments continue to seek and demand sustainable solutions to reduce energy costs and environmental impact of buildings.


Engage the design-build team to achieve energy performance goals. By MEP engineers, architects and contractors collaborating on driving performance metrics and goals we see great outcomes that push new boundaries in energy efficiency and comfort in built environments.


Embrace public-private partnerships (P3) as a viable method to finance and deliver projects. By coupling development authorities with private enterprise to develop critical transportation hubs, like LaGuardia airport, it shares the risk and cost, and ensures the long-term financial success of the investment.

Beyond any potential Federal investment, city and state authorities are ramping up investment in infrastructure projects — big and small — supported by private development and led by the commercial, healthcare and educational sectors.

The City of Lawrence, Kansas just upgraded and increased the area of its public library by 50 percent without impacting energy consumption, by embracing strategies like smarter use of daylight. GSA’s recently-opened Federal Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles incorporates a serrated 1,672 energy-efficient glass panels façade, a photovoltaic array, drought-tolerant landscaping and abundant daylighting to efficiently support its 24 courtrooms. What all these projects have in common, is that they are designed smarter, utilize more sustainable features, cut energy consumption and improve people’s experience.

Today, with P3, design-build and lean construction we have the means. And with analytics, modeling and high performing technologies we have the solutions to make smarter infrastructure investments. It’s time to roll.