LA Federal Courthouse LABC Grand Prize

© 2016

© 2016

The new Los Angeles Federal Courthouse wins highest honors from the Los Angeles Business Council 47th Annual Architectural Awards!

The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) recognized the achievements of the LA Federal Courthouse design-build team with two major awards, the Civic Building and the highest honor they bestow, the 47th Annual Architectural Award Grand Prize!

“Sustainability was a driving factor for the Grand Prize-winning federal courthouse, a striking glass and steel riff on classic architectural principles that redefines high performance green building,” stated the LABC announcement. The courthouse is designed to achieve LEED® Platinum certification and meet General Services Administration’s aggressive 2020 energy goal of 35Kbtu/sf*yr. To accomplish that, the building features a variety of sustainable design features, including a rooftop photovoltaic array that is intended to generate 507,000 kWh of renewable energy on an annual basis and displacement ventilation in the courtrooms and public circulation areas.

As part of the design-build team of Clark Construction and SOM, Syska collaborated on the high performance design features that make this courthouse unique in the nation. Read more about the creative energy approach here.