James Regan Retires after Four Decades at Syska Hennessy Group

Served as Leader of Eastern Region

James Regan, senior principal and leader of the Eastern region of Syska Hennessy Group, is retiring from the firm after a 40-year tenure.

As leader of the Eastern region, Jim Regan managed more than 250 professionals in nine offices along the East Coast. Under his supervision, the firm completed many award-winning projects in higher education, broadcast and entertainment, healthcare, and critical facilities. His clients included the Royal Bank of Canada, JP Morgan Chase, MetLife, Madame Tussaud’s, Cablevision, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Simon & Schuster, JFK Airport, Dulles Airport, Ronald Reagan Airport, and many confidential financial firms.

Regan first joined Syska shortly after his graduation from the University of Houston with a degree in mechanical engineering. He knew what to expect from his new employer because his father, John Regan, worked at Syska at the time. And he was not disappointed.

“My dad was at Syska for 47 years,” says Jim Regan. “I didn’t quite reach that number, but I came awfully close! I think it’s clear that we both loved our jobs. And we both saw Syska as an extension of our family.”

“Jim has been an outstanding leader,” says Cyrus Izzo, co-president of Syska Hennessy. “He’s mentored and inspired his teams over the decades and he’s played an important role in the firm’s growth. I will miss him on both a professional and personal level, as will my colleagues and our clients and partners. But we wish him a happy and enjoyable retirement.”