How to Deliver Data Center Free Cooling in World’s Hottest Region

From left: Greg Jasmin, Principal, Dubai, UAE Site Leader and Noriel Ong, ASEAN Eng., MIET, PMP®, ATD, PQP, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Dubai, UAE

Relying on indirect evaporative cooling (IDEC) for data centers in the Middle East may seem counterintuitive in a region with extreme temperatures, humidity, and sand storms, this case study, however, demonstrates savings up to 50% on utility costs.

Based on ambient temperature conditions in GCC countries, our data reveals the specific available cooling hours when the cost of water and electricity to run the IDEC system can deliver significant operational savings. IDEC partial free cooling, paired with increasing the operational temperature in the data center (i.e. 77°F [25°C]) will reduce the hours that mechanical cooling is required even without going beyond ASHRAE recommended limits.

With less or no need for CRAH units and chillers, the electrical infrastructure size/capacity, such as generators, including the fuel storage capacity is reduced. Thus, capital expenditures also drop significantly.

Download our white paper, recently presented at (Data Center Network Day, Dammam, KSA).