How Commercial Development is Evolving

View from the Top: Todd Burns, President, Project Development Services, JLL

Syska recently sat down with Todd Burns, President & International Director, Project Development Services at JLL, to discuss how our clients’ needs are evolving and the impact to our services.

View from the Top. Todd Burns, JLL

Click here to download the full interview, and learn more about:

  1. Data-Driven: Parsing thousands of project data provides clients with comparable density, amenities, costs. Data provides clients with a roadmap– key metrics about comparable organizations’ projects — enabling them to make smarter decisions, and providing greater transparency about design and construction costs.
  2. Tech Budget Exploded: The budget for technology is ten times what it was a decade ago. Clients need firms able to support connectivity, collaboration and improved experience by connecting devices, enabling desktop communications, AV and smart boards.
  3. Sustainability Driven by ROI: Companies want to know the ROI of their investment in sustainability solutions. To make the case for high performing technologies, you need to provide energy savings that surpass the incremental costs.
  4. The Synergy Advantage: When clients call JLL, they’re often already behind the eight ball and need immediate help. JLL’s Synergy program –Syska is a member — enables them to put the right team together faster.