Amendment of Rules

On December 12, 2023, the NYC DOB adopted an amendment to Section 103-14 of Chapter 100 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York (RCNY).  This is an Amendment to NYC’s progressive climate legislation known as Local Law 97.  This amendment applies to NYC Local Law 97-2019, which established greenhouse gas emissions limits starting in 2024 for buildings over 25,000 sqft, with financial penalties for buildings over their limit.  This recently-adopted amendment established a “Good Faith Effort” compliance pathway and established “Beneficial Electrification Credits” as a mechanism to financially incentivize early adoption.  For buildings that anticipate penalties in the first compliance period (2024-2029), under the Good Faith Effort option, an owner can now mitigate financial penalties by submitting a Decarbonization Study and Action Plan including a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions and achieve the limits for future compliance periods.  The legislation also provides additional clarification and guidance on other aspects of the legislation and filing process.  Major highlights are outlined below. Syska is well-positioned to help NYC building owners pursue the Good Faith Compliance pathway. We team with building owners and on-site engineers to develop a feasible Decarbonization Study with a customized recommendations for each building. This allows us to deliver a roadmap to successfully mitigate LL97 penalties and achieve compliance that aligns with each client’s goals while leveraging the knowledge of the building operations team to provide solutions that are feasible for each building. Our High Performance Solutions (HPS) team is well-versed with the legislation and, in collaboration with our Engineering Design team, are prepared to help building owners assess various potential upgrades and identify the optimal compliance pathway and plan for implementation.

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