Continuous improvement opportunities

Professional Development

“Professional development is an essential part of our firm.”

–Gary Brennen, co-president

Syska believes that by investing in continuous professional development it will enable team members to create a framework for a rewarding career. The investment in learning broadens the spectrum and depth of talent, fostering knowledge sharing and contributes to overall success. Through in-house training, webinars, tuition reimbursement and retreats, Syska provides a diverse learning environment that encourages each employee to continually raise the bar.

Syska has created resources available to our team members that differentiate us from other employers.

Engineer Development Training Program edt_16_group_cropped

To accelerate recent college graduates’ careers, all entry-level engineering hires participate in Syska’s one-year Engineer Development Training (EDT) Program. This time honored program is a trademark of our commitment to the development and education of young engineers through cross-training in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy modeling, LEED, sustainability and business practices – all items that make well-rounded engineers.

Team members regularly visit job sites to experience projects underway, while being mentored by more senior engineers. The value of mentoring and technical training shortens employees’ learning curve, increases performance and retention, maximizes the effectiveness of the organization all while achieving the firm’s strategic goals and objectives.


Sense The Syska Employee Network of Support and Education (SENSE) is a self-directed group of team members with 2 to 12 years of experience. SENSE promotes professional development, social engagement and technical assistance to engineering and corporate members of the firm. SENSE encourages peer-to-peer learning and local and national levels, building relationships both inside and outside the firm. SENSE also promotes giving back to organizations that employees are passionate about, creating lasting and positive impacts in local communities.


Red Vector is Syska Hennessy’s Learning, Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program. Syska’s LEAD program provides employees with the tools and resources needed to continue to grow in their career goals and within the Syska organization. Through our partnership with Red Vector employees will have access to over 2,500 courses covering both technical and professional learning opportunities. Red Vector’s collaborative blended learning platform is the leading provider of quality training for professionals and offers many interactive courses to help sharpen professional skills and advance careers—accessible online anytime, anywhere.

For licensed professionals, the LEAD Program contains a robust license database and license management tools that will enable employees to:

  • Search license requirements and national certification requirements by state
  • Monitor CE deadlines by date
  • Assign courses to employees based on job role
  • Upload custom learning content
  • Track and report course completions and manage licenses

In addition to its best in class technical content, the LEAD program will also provide access to a comprehensive Professional Development library of courses in:

  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance

These professional development courses will help employees, both technical and non-technical, gain the “soft skills” necessary for a well-rounded career development foundation.