SHAPE’s purpose as an Employee Resource Group (ERG) is to support Syska’s initiative to develop our work with technically diverse perspectives and cultivate inclusive and diverse teams. Employees are vital to help promote the Syska culture. We are looking for people who embody the traits we value as an organization.

Syska strives to make authentic connections with all backgrounds that will enrich our talent base and internal strengths. We inspire individuals to achieve their full potential by being actively involved within our communities. We provide an inclusive workforce by supporting our managers and each other to become better team members, leaders, and communicators. Here at Syska, we continuously seek opportunities to better understand our diverse strengths and values and integrate those qualities by providing opportunities for continuous growth and development firm wide.

Once on board, we support our employees with ongoing professional and technical training, opportunities for continuing their education, and mentoring. We also encourage our professionals to design their careers according to the roles and areas that interest them and promote professional equality through our SHAPE program