Engineer Development Training (EDT) Program

Syska Hennessy believes that by investing in continuous professional development, it will empower team members to create a framework for a rewarding career. This investment in learning broadens the spectrum and depth of talent, fostering knowledge sharing and contributes to the overall success of the firm.

The first step in development starts with the time honored and industry leading Engineer Development Training (EDT) Program.

In general, most recently graduated engineering students with little or no experience in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry are invited to participate in Syska’s one year EDT Program. This program is a trademark of our commitment to the development and education of young engineers through cross-training in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy modeling, LEED, sustainability, commissioning, technology and business practices, all items that make well-rounded engineers.

EDT team members will regularly visit job sites to experience projects underway, while being mentored by more senior engineers  and working with peers. The value of mentoring and technical training shortens the “learning curve”, increases performance and job satisfaction, maximizes the effectiveness of our organization all while achieving the firm’s strategic goals and objectives.

This program utilizes Syska’s technical capabilities, including online training courses, technical training through Webinar sessions and weekly meetings. The use of our technology will ensure that all EDTs have an opportunity to actively participate in the program, regardless of their location.

engineering development training participant carrying a clipboard, wearing a safety gear