Syska Innovations Rolls out Firmwide Automation Strategy

When the Wall Street Journal recently wrote about efficiency improvements, we at Syska Innovations applauded (silently). We were already well on our way with our own efforts to promote efficiencies: Our approach is an intelligent automation process called Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

For us the difference between pure automation and RPA is simple. RPA automates functions across multiple software platforms and traditional automation just occurs as a script in a single software package.

Why RPA? In order to fund something like Syska Innovations, you need to prove its ROI. For us there are so many intangible benefits, including the morale of our people – especially important given the shortage of labor in the A/E/C world. To evaluate ROI, we decided to measure the equivalent of full-time engineers (FTEs) in terms of how much productivity can we increase. In other words, how much more work can we take on with the same people putting in the same hours?

An added bonus of RPA is freeing up people from more mundane tasks and giving them ample time to actually think. At Syska, we are consulting engineers, and our business model is built on how well we think for our clients. Many firms can execute, but how many really optimize their designs and give their clients the most value for their dollar spent? These are Syska’s objectives.

As luck would have it, as we started researching how to accomplish our RPA initiatives we realized there was a program in current tech stack that could help us. Power Automate is a software that helps you create automated workflows from your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. After we taught the firm what RPA was, we now had a program everyone had access to that can deliver.

Although this is the beginning of our formal RPA journey, many things we have been working on in the past fall into this bucket. One is an API in Procore that we utilize to autonomously import RFIs and submittals from contractors into our Newforma PM portal and again into our in-house folder structure so our engineers can review and comment on these items expeditiously.

We believe that setting ambitious goals is the best to deliver outstanding results and that’s why we set an ambitious goal of increasing productivity by six FTEs in our RPA program. As always, we’ll let you know how we fare.

Written By Robert Ioanna