Making the case for RPA, where dreams become reality

Close your eyes. (Find your happy place – no, just kidding, it’s not nap time). Think back to yesterday. Sitting at your desk, what did you spend most of your time doing? What did you struggle with to get done? (Bear with me; it will get better.) Did you leave the office saying, “I have so much more to get done tomorrow?” What made you throw your hands up in the air? (Wave them like you just don’t care. Except this time you do.) Did you often ask yourself, “I wish I could spend more time thinking about what I should be doing and less time just doing these tasks?” Did you find yourself holding off on going to the bathroom? (Maybe that’s just me.) Now, make a loud noise that expresses how you feel. Come on, louder.

Well, now imagine hitting Alt+1, and that tedious task that took too long is done instantaneously. Imagine running an app that accomplishes the same thing an intern would. Imagine walking around the office more, brainstorming, and sharing ideas with your teammates. Imagine finding time to attend all the Employee Resource Group meetings you wanted. Imagine having time to get training on advanced-level Revit techniques or social media dynamics. Imagine your dog finally rolling over, fetching the newspaper, and only going potty on the wee wee pads. (Okay, maybe that’s just my house.)

Today, we’re going to show you the tools you need to make this happen. (Maybe not how to potty-train your dog.) We’re also going to show you the techniques to help you brainstorm ideas for what you want to accomplish.

Open your eyes slowly now. Pay attention, and let’s have some fun.

This was the opener I used at our most recent ideation event.

The firm generated close to 70 ideas. The winner was an automated proposal generator. That could save a lot of time and make everyone’s lives easier. And isn’t that the whole point of RPA?

I think so. And I can’t wait to use software like Mulesoft and Microsoft Power Automate and others to see our ideas (dreams become a reality). For me, more RPA means more time for blogging. So keep your eyes open and watch this space!

Written By Robert Ioanna