Syska Innovations

Early-Stage Startups

A few years ago, we formed Syska (Hennessy) Innovations in an effort to invest in early-stage companies and pilot their software and products.  Our goals for doing this are three-fold: leverage our core expertise, provide added value, and demonstrate industry leadership.

Leverage Core Expertise

Leverage Syska Hennessy’s core expertise in consulting engineering to identify early-stage investable opportunities that might not be recognized by traditional venture-capital funds.

Added-Value Approach

Add value to our investments by using non-cash resources unique to Syska Hennessy, like projects, domain expertise, connections to collaborators, and industry exposure.

Demonstrate Industry Leadership

Serve as a model for the industry to follow by supporting a culture of innovation and technology within and beyond Syska Hennessy.

Our Investments

To guide our investment choices, we established the following innovation focus “buckets”:

  • Eco-Innovation

  • Project Design

  • Industrialization of Design

  • Project Management

  • Products and Methods

  • Digitization

  • SMART Buildings

Does your start-up fit in one of these buckets?  If so, fill out the questionnaire below.

You can also click here to read more about our investment philosophy.

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