Syska Atlanta at Habitat for Humanity

Social Responsibility

We are stewards of our environment, accountable to the communities around us, and focused on the triple bottom line. That focus measures our success based on the social and environmental impacts of what we do in addition to financial results. As a global engineering firm, we are committed to creating a legacy of sustainable, healthy and safe environments for everyone who will inhabit the spaces we help create. But our commitment goes beyond that.

We are committed to young engineers who will one day walk in our footsteps. That is why we support the ACE and Explorer mentoring programs, both locally and nationally. We also provide educational opportunities for students and interns through the KaTO program; one that is dedicated to help students visualize their potential by designing and helping to build schools and community centers in villages that need them.

And just as importantly, we give back; building homes, cleaning parks and roadsides, helping to feed our neighbors, raising funds and contributing our time and knowledge with our communities.

It impacts how we work; when we bring our creative tools, know-how and passion to the table, great engineering happens. Engineering that is efficient, humanistic and sustainable both today and by generations to come.

ACE Mentor Program

We empower our employees to give back through a long-term partnership with the ACE Mentor Program, a non-profit providing high-schoolers with mentoring in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. Our volunteer mentors guide teams of 15-25 students through real-world exercises in design and construction; at the end of the school year, all teams gather for a final presentation of their work. In addition to this hands-on experience, we support the students’ continued advancement in the industry through scholarship opportunities, internships, and alumni events.

To learn more about ACE Mentor Program, click here.


Syska has created an ongoing alliance with KaTo, a design/build studio, dedicated to bringing together architecture, engineering and construction professionals with graduate students. Together, KaTo and Syska design and construct much needed resources, such as schools and community centers, in underserved populations. In 2017, Syska traveled to La Romana, Dominican Republic, to help design and expand a kindergarten-to-primary school in Villa Caoba. Similarly, Syska team members traveled to Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to mentor students and work on a design proposal for a community center.

Syska volunteers feel a great sense of pride being part of doing something special for the less fortunate communities. This coupled with being able to provide an invaluable experience for undergraduates working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and understanding the complexities of design and construction, leaves a lasting impact on all participants.