Syska Atlanta at Habitat for Humanity

Social Responsibility

We are stewards of our environment, accountable to the communities around us, and focused on the triple bottom line. That focus measures our success based on the social and environmental impacts of what we do in addition to financial results. As a global engineering firm, we are committed to creating a legacy of sustainable, healthy and safe environments for everyone who will inhabit the spaces we help create. But our commitment goes beyond that.

We are committed to young engineers who will one day walk in our footsteps. That is why we support the ACE and Explorer mentoring programs, both locally and nationally.

ACE Mentor Program

We empower our employees to give back through a long-term partnership with the ACE Mentor Program, a non-profit providing high-schoolers with mentoring in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. Our volunteer mentors guide teams of 15-25 students through real-world exercises in design and construction; at the end of the school year, all teams gather for a final presentation of their work. In addition to this hands-on experience, we support the students’ continued advancement in the industry through scholarship opportunities, internships, and alumni events.

To learn more about ACE Mentor Program, click here.

Exploring Program

In addition to taking part in the ACE Program, our team members have the opportunity to mentor and encourage STEM in our youth through the Exploring Program. This program is organized by the Scouts of America. We feel it is important to diversify the avenues we partner with to expand our reach and connect with diverse populations. Through this program we host 45 students, from the greater NYC area schools, twice a year in our corporate headquarters in NYC.

Through this vehicle, our engineers that take part in this program can provide HS students with the opportunity to explore different career paths and to interact with industry professionals; benefits that otherwise may not be possible.

Syska’s goal is to maintain the relationships formed during a student’s HS years, working with the Exploring Program, to take the students to the next phase in their journey such as being selected for Syska’s college intern program. Syska takes pride in cultivating and supporting the future engineers of-our-firm-and-of-our-communities by taking part in the Exploring Program.