Data Center Assessments

CPS Energy_Featured Image_TallSyska Hennessy Group has developed a unique suite of independent data center assessments. They range from a basic assessment to a gap analysis, advance data center profiling and predictive analysis. Our data center approach focuses on the key elements of data center infrastructure that have a direct impact on the reliability, availability, capacity, and efficiency formulated to raise the overall profile of your facility by saving money, recouping lost space, identifying and mitigating issues and focusing on your concerns. These levels of data center assessment were specifically designed to address the unique challenges of different data center facilities.

Up, not downtime

We are adept at creating environments that support owner & operator goals. By making use of our expertise, you bring over 20 years of experience to your facilty that can result in:

  1. Identifing gaps, operational risks, issues and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Identifying issues within the data center that may not be known.
  3. Minimizing or mitigating risks and potential operational catastrophe.
  4. Helping justify a business case to improve, upgrade or rehabilitate your data centers.
  5. Identify areas to regain “stranded” or “lots” capacity

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Global Experience, Local Access

We maintain a strong team who is well versed in the various aspects of maintaining your critical facility. Our worksharing practices and strong leadership are poised to support your goals. Please contact any of us to discuss your facility.

Greg Jasmin Rob Saunders Noriel Ong

Greg Jasmin

Principal & Managing Director MENA
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Rob Saunders

Facilities Management & Commissioning (FMCx) MENA Lead

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Noriel Ong

Senior Mechanical Engineer

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